How it Works

How I Review

I will normally use the format below to review books that I have mix feelings about or if I have a lot of complains about the books but also want to highlight the good things about the book. 

Things that I love about the books and have no problems with.

I have problems with certain things but it did not irritate me enough to put down the book. The story will fair better if the elements were removed or toned down.

Elements that irritate me so much! It shouldn't have been there in the first place! The story will be much better without the elements. It's not even needed in the story.

Following the format above, my rating will depend on the overall assessment of the book. The good may outweigh the bad and the ugly so I may rate higher and vice versa.

If, I have a particular strong feeling about the book, I will not use the above method.

How I Rate

The story in overall are amazing with minimal to none of bad stuffs. Even if there is bad stuffs, it doesn't affect the story or did not irritate me in the slightest. I will definitely recommend this book to everyone I know and may not stop blabbering about it for days. This book will surely stay on my mind for a very long time and I will surely re-read it in the future.

In overall a good story and may have elements that irritate me and stuffs that I cannot ignore but, the good stuffs triumph over the bad. I might re-read it in the future and recommend it to people that I know who might like it better than I did.

I am in a love/hate relationship with this book but leaning more on the like. I may not invest my money and more time on this book though.

I am not a fan of this book but it may have some elements that I don't entirely hate but I will definitely not invest anymore time or money on this book. I might like the idea of the story but the execution of the story fail to attract me. 

Hate this book. But there might be hope for this book yet, hence the lone star.