Review Policy

To authors or publishers,
Thank you for taking your time reading this. I will like to stress that I am a book blogger and in no way a professional reviewer. My review will be of my honest thoughts and opinions of the books.

Types of books I review:
-Young Adult
-Middle Grade

-Historical Fiction
-Chick Lit
-Paranormal Fantasy
-Fairytale Retellings
-Science Fiction
-Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic

I will not review:
-Autobiographies & Memoir
-Graphic Novels & Comic Books

When contacting me for a review please include the summary of your book, the type and genre.
Send me your book in either of these formats:

If I don't contact you immediately please be patient as I may not be able to reply due to some instances. I WILL reply you be it to accept or deny your request.

Reviews will be posted on my blog and Goodreads.

Outside requests:
1. Giveaways
  I will be happy to host a giveaway national or internationally.

2. Author Interview
   If you are an author who wants to be interview and become a guest on my blog I will be happy to    interview you. But, I will have to read your book so that we can discuss about the book in question.

3. Blog Tours
   I will be happy to participate in blog tour. Send me the details and I will get back to you.

4. Cover Reveal
   I will be delighted to host a blog post about a book cover reveal.

To contact:
If you have a book that needs to be review (that fits the criteria mentioned) or have outside requests, you can contact me at: