Promises Hurt (Promises Hurt #1) by Elle Brooks

Published: August 2, 2014
Genre: New Adult-Contemporary
My Rating: 1/5

I wasn't planning on falling for Ethan Jamison, hell I wasn't planning on our paths ever crossing. He’s the most popular guy at school and a complete player. Me; I’m the perpetual good girl, trying to carry out one last request. But when you make a promise, how far do you go to see it through? ~ Blair
It’s a running joke that I’m a terrible liar, if only people knew the truth. My whole life has been spent making excuses and deflecting questions. I was pretty good at it until Blair Thomas entered my world. She saw through the mask that everyone is so willing to accept. She makes me want to tell her all my secrets, but can she promise to keep them?~ Ethan
Okay so it is entirely my fault for wanting to read this book. I don't know what possessed me into wanting to try to read this book. The reviews I've read mostly stated about how amazing this book is and how the ending was the best cliffhanger ever and they just couldn't wait for the second book. I was expecting something different from a genre that spouted the same cliche story over and again. I thought this book could be different. Besides, it's not a thick book so I thought of giving it a go. From the reviews I've read, I thought there will be something dramatic going to happen but there were none whatsoever.
The story was flat and made me roll my eyes a lot. It was a pretty easy read and I finish reading it in just one

sitting. That doesn't necessarily meant that this book was such a great read that I finish it in one go. Rather, it was pretty flat and I was bored after just a few pages. I skipped a few chapters and I still have a pretty good idea what the story is all about.

There're two main characters; Blair and Ethan and they are as perfect as any main characters typically are. The story mostly centers around the relationship between the two of them and that is such a bore. But nothing less you'd expect from a book of this genre. But even if I'm not a fan and have not read many books of this genre, surely there has to be more going on in the story? I feel like Ethan is such an overused and typical main character. An all around perfect guy and to top it off, he's in a band so that just basically made him a deity in a high school society. 

I don't know why I was expecting more from this book. I guess it's pretty alright if you are a fan of New Adult romance. It has all the right things for a light romance novel with the all around perfect guy who have a secret that makes him oh so pitiful and makes you want to lend your shoulders (and perhaps more) for him to cry. There's also the nerdy unassuming girl who thought she was very plain and boring when in fact, she's really hot and have all the guys falling for her. *rolls eyes* Not that I have anything against such characters but it's getting old when every books you read have all the right and perfect characters and have them doubt them self of their perfectness.

Overall, the story is pretty bland for my taste. There's nothing new of the story that makes it stands out from other books of its genre. 
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