This Blog Was Declared Awesome!

I am excited to tell you guys that this blog had made it to the list of Top 21 Blogs for YA Book Lovers 2015. I feel so happy that this blog had received a special recognition. It's been almost a month since I've been blogging and I already met a number of book bloggers that are as awesome as they are supportive. I love that I can say anything and be overly obsess with a fandom and no other book lovers will look at me differently or roll their eyes at me like how my family usually reacts whenever I talk about my obsession. (sob!) I know I can always count on other bookworms on the net! :) I always like to meet new friends so if you think I am interesting enough and want to be friends with me, please do! I like nothing more than a good buddy to talk books with. If  you want to check out other blogs that made it to the Top 21, head on over here. Thank you to Mary from Mythology Retold Books for nominating me to be one of the Top 21!

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