Scot on The Rocks (Brooke Miller #1) By Brenda Janowitz

Published: Red Dress Ink, April 1, 2007
Genre: Womens Fiction-Chick Lit
My Rating: 2/5

When her ex-boyfriend, Trip, gets engaged to Hollywood's latest It Girl, Manhattan attorney Brooke Miller plans to attend the wedding. Who says a modern girl can't stay friends with her ex? Besides, Brooke's got her sexy Scottish fiance, Douglas, to take as her date. Okay, so maybe he's not "exactly" her fiance, but they're living together in his apartment, so she'll be getting the ring any minute, right? Wrong. After a fight leaves her without a boyfriend (much less a fiance) just days before the wedding, Brooke faces the ultimate humiliation of attending her ex-boyfriend's nuptials alone. Desperate to find a replacement to fill Douglas's kilt, Brooke concocts an outrageous plan to survive the wedding and win the man of her dreams, all with her dignity ever-so-slightly intact. 
Despite loving the chick-lit genre, there are a few books that I can really stomach and not have the urge to fling it across the room. I can handle humor and comedy but occasionally a character can go a tad too far over the edge bordering on annoyance. I should have written a review on this book the first time I read it because I remember loving it. But after reading it the second time, I found myself not liking this book. What seems to be funny and laughable before seems annoying and shallow the second time. 

We are introduce to a lawyer name Brooke. Despite being a lawyer, Brooke is far from being level-headed. She worries about her ex-boyfriend's wedding and who to substitute her suppose to be present Scottish boyfriend. I don't know how a lawyer that is intelligent and successful can act like such a shallow, whiny and self-absorbed woman. I can't help but roll my eyes for every time she cried (and sometimes in public) because she was dumped. Once or twice is acceptable but she did it countless of times and it's just getting old. There's also a constant mention of her being Jewish? It seems to be very important as to the many times it has been mentioned but I have no idea why.

For every heroine there has to be a hero. So for Brooke there is Jack. I am not sure what to think about Jack. Jack seems to disappear from existence whenever he's not hanging with Brooke and Vanessa and just always seems to pop out of nowhere when needed. There are no character development for Jack. He's just somehow THERE and we are suppose to just accept him and love him. Not that he's not lovable. Jack is sweet and funny but we don't really know much about him.

Overall, I have a mix feelings about this book. I think I would have love this book if I could just overlook my expectations on the character. But that is not to say that I don't laugh at times. I do because this book is after all a chick-lit and the comedy and humor are very so intact despite the character flaw. 
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