[Giveaway + Review] Vampires Suck by Giovanni Valentino

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Published: October 31, 2014
Publisher: Strange Musings Press
Genre: Humor/ Comedy
My Rating: 3/5
  Vampires Suck
Each story has a different take on the legend of the Vampire. Some hide from the darkness and others can walk in the daylight. Some are cold, calculated killers and others are full of teenaged angst. Some are held at bay by garlic but others love Italian food.Here is a collection of stories designed to poke fun at the whole vampire genre. We have funny stories about the troubles of immortality, about the crazy life of the vampire slayer, and about just how the different vampires get along.But in all the stories, one element is always there.Vampires Suck 
I don't usually read books about vampire. Often, I was trying to avoid the romances that are usually associated with such genre. However, this book is a collection of short stories so there weren't any complex romances to be worried about. Thus, I decided to give this book a chance. Besides, this is a comedy reenactment of vampires so I was ready to dive into it after remembering the humorous movie with the same name. I was seeking for humor and laughter and that was exactly what I got. I was not disappointed by the story. It was humorous and all the while entertaining.

Along with the different stories comes different types of vampires. I enjoyed the varieties of vampires that comes to light in the telling of the stories. Aside from that, it was also entertaining to read about a vampire that suffered from fangs dysfunction. Also, one story that was one of my favorite has a vampire suffered what most parents suffered today that is to go through the phase of teenage girls who wish themselves to be a vampire because of the famous book and movie, Twilight. It was so funny to think that vampires might unknowingly suffers the same things human does. 

Overall, it was an enjoyable read. I was glad that the authors seems to share the same thoughts I have in regards of the night creatures. I'd say read this book the next time you are looking for something short, light and funny to read in between. 


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