Harry Potter Moment of The Week #1: Best Hogwarts Teacher

I am participating in a weekly meme that showcase anything and everything about Harry Potter in an assigned topic each week. This meme was created by Uncorked Thoughts and you can read the list of topics here.  This is my first time participating in this meme and I am so excited because if there's anything I love more than waffles, it is Harry Potter! :D

I'd like to say Remus Lupin is the best teacher in Hogwarts but he didn't teach long enough to get warranted as the best Professor that Hogwarts ever had. But, in the short amount of time he became the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, he was the best professor any students can ever ask for.

I can never feel better about your death! D':
I also thought about Dumbledore but who am I kidding! If he were to be a professor and if a student were to ask him a question, I don't think the student will ever get a direct answer. But, still, Dumbledore has his moments. 

So, what about Snape? That is the biggest joke of the century. However, he is my most beloved character and nothing will change my love for him! :'D
Damn right, it is! :D
There's another professor who taught a not so popular class. There's a good reason for that though and no one is blaming them for not liking the class. Presenting, Hagrid who taught Care for Magical Creatures.
What kind of teacher assigned such books! As if reading normal books isn't hard enough. xD
So, after much consideration which is a no-brainer at all, I've come upon to the conclusion that the best teacher Hogwarts ever have is.....

She is a total badass what with the sass and the no nonsense attitude. Professor McGonagall is one of those rare teachers that you will want to impress. Also, you can rely on her to make the best decisions for you. She is also fiercely loyal and the best side-kick anyone can ever ask for.

So, Professor McGonagall is one of my favorite characters in Harry Potter who also happened to be the best teacher Hogwarts ever have. Who do you think is the best Hogwarts Teacher?

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